It depends. Since the treatment acts as a filler for the hair by attaching structure into the damaged areas, you would not want to use anything that could block the process prior to the treatment. Colors used to “freshen” or “tone” the hair act as fillers so these would not be done prior to the treatment.

Base colors: Base colors could be done first if you are only coloring the regrowth (roots). (Note: It is important to keep the treatment away from the new base color so it does not discolor and never pull the color through the hair since this would block some of the treatment.)
Highlights: Highlights could be done prior to the treatment as long as they do not require a toner to be applied.

Low-lights, Glosses, Toners are best used a week or more after receiving the treatment.
For Best Results: Since colors utilize the structure of the hair to attach, doing the BRAZILIAN SILK™ Professional Treatment first will repair the structure. Applying color one week later will give the treatment time to stabilize and your results will be more vibrant than ever before.