Our Services

We offer a variety of colors and cuts for every age and style. Don't know what you like? Come visit us for a free consultation!

                       Color Services

   Single Color All Over Process      80

   Regrowth (Zone 1) Process         60

   Partial Foil Highlight                      85

   Full Foil Highlight                           95

   Zone 1 & Partial Highlight           110

   Zone 1 & Full Highlight                125

   Add-on Lolight                                25

   Break the Base (without style)     30

   Redken Conditioning Treatment  18


  *Glazes, Toners, Extra Color Usage, Color  

      Wash services  are additional charges.

            *All Prices are Starting at…….

                     Makeup Services

   Full Face Airbrush Makeup          65

   Full Face Traditional Makeup      65

   False Lash Application                 15

   Makeup Lessons                            60


               Specialty Color Services

   Ombre                                          140

   Balayage                                      140

 *All Prices Starting at...

*Not Elidgible for Discounting or other promos


                  Haircuts/Styling Services

   Women’s Haircut, Shampoo & Style     40

   Women’s Dry Haircut & Style                 30

   Youth Haircut, Shampoo & Style           35

   Bang/Neck Trim                                      18

   Men’s Haircut & Shampoo                     30

   Extra Styling Time                                   20

                    *All Prices are Starting at…..

                       Wedding Services

   Bridal Hair                                              90

   Bridal Airbrush Makeup                       80

   Bridal Traditional Makeup                   80

   Wedding Party Hair                               80

   Wedding Party Airbrush Makeup        80

   Wedding Party Traditional Makeup    80

   Flower Girl Hair                                      45

   Flower Girl Makeup                               35

   PreWedding Hair Trial                           75

   PreWedding Makeup Trial Airbrush    65

   PreWedding Makeup Trial                    65

   False Lash Application                         15

      *Bridal Hair Appointment does not  include  

                         Shampoo and Blowout